[From left to right] Lee Plowman, Ros Serich and Terry Mills founder and leader of the North Territory Alliance in Australia.

The three were celebrating a mutual friend’s family’s celebration of their twins’ birthday at the lovely LANDMARK dining and entertainment establishment in Palmerston, North Territory in Australia.

Lee Plowman is the featured keynote speaker for the International Women’s Day Dinner and Gala on March 13, 2021 (already SOLD OUT).

Among other worthy endeavors, Lee Plowman also works towards helping the public with her own smoking cessation private practice. In addition to that very important work, she also does a great deal towards the Empowerment of Women.

Lee Plowman had faith in Gary McAlister’s vision and invested in Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) years ago. Even way back then, she could see his vision.

She also promotes cryptocurrency projects such as BankcoinReserve.LLC a site dedicated to promoting internationally available accredited online university degrees payable with cryptocurrencies. The online education program was designed by Dr. Raymond Cheng of the Wyith Institute

BankcoinReserve.LLC also works closely with the Gubernatura Nacional Indigena (GNI) to help the Indigenous of Mexico with several Humanitarian projects related to food harvesting, housing, automobile loans, health and education.

Video By: Mark Barnes