CASA MAMA: Sets 1st Stone!

The Gubernatura Nacional Indigena (GNI) has met a great first milestone by setting the cinder block Corner Stone to the first Casa Mama home for the Empowerment of Mothers and children.

Written by Alberto Luis Castellanos
Photos and video by Jose Bernardo Lumbreras Delgado

The construction program has begun in the state of Chiapas. The national indigenous government starts the sustainable social housing program in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

We have just inaugurated the first mother house in the state of Chiapas, municipality of Las Rosas. This is a historical and unprecedented event due to the fact that women and children of indigenous peoples are not rarely cared for or attended.

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) Micro-Credit Celebration in Native Dress

The Casa Mama Program with Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)’s support is a project that will be carried out on a large scale throughout Mexico nationwide and will be in affect for all 2,450 municipalities in Mexico. BCR is the cryptocurrency of choice agreed upon by all regional leaders.

The men leading the programs are Hipólito Arriaga Poté, the Governor of the Sovereign National Indigenous People. Working with him is Licensed Public Accountant, Anselmo Vidal Guzmán Rojas and State Governor of Chiapas, along with Luis Alberto Castellanos Álvarado, Secretary of the Exterior.

This program is of great relevance to Mexico’s Indigenous People because it sets a precedent at the national level to be able to solve the housing needs throughout the national territory.

This program began in Chiapas thanks to the intervention of the indigenous state government the public accountant Anselmo Vidal Guzmán Rojas in coordination with the National Indigenous Governor Hipólito Arriaga Poté.

This social and humanitarian program makes it clear that the original Peoples of Mexico are perfectly well organized, united and able to fulfill this Financial Project. Mothers will be taught skills that will enable them to be financially independent.
The micro-credit program article is here…

In the words of the National Indigenous Governor of the State Indigenous Governor of Chiapas, “It is a pride to serve our people”.

Sustainability and a sustainable economy are the most important challenges of the indigenous national governance.