Mexico City and Hong Kong SAR (February 12, 2021) – Wyith Institute™ announces another of its major breakthroughs today in its digital token and asset management service. Gubernatura Nacional Indígena de México, i.e. the Sovereign National Indigenous Government of the United States of Mexico (known as GNI), announced today that it has chosen Wyith Institute™ to help roll out its first adoption of its digital payment currency using Bankcoin Reserve at Wyith (BCR@W), a forked version of Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) modulated and designed by Wyith Institute™.

Hipolito Arriaga Pote on International Indigenous Day 2019 as he addressed the audience in the United Nations

“GNI sees that the digital age is upon us and society is headed for the future. Hence the Indigenous Nation wishes to be part of the digital age and accompany innovation towards present day and future success,” remarked the Honorable Hipólito Arriaga Pote, Governor of GNI, the Sovereign National Indigenous Government of the United States of Mexico.

“We also recognize the necessity of GNI having its own digital asset coin to help with the Indigenous Nation’s citizens pay for day-to-day needs such as education, potable water, and general daily goods and services,” added Alberto Castellanos, Administrator of GNI.

Front: Ruthie DiTucci (Wyith Director), Hipolito Arriaga Pote (GNI), Howard Thompson (Mohawk USA) United Nations Staff. 2nd Row right: Armando Gomez (GNI)

“We have assisted or have worked with the GNI previously in a number of humanitarian projects for the indigenous people of Mexico, including the 50/50 automobile loan program, the water machine project, the land and livelihood project that relates to food cultivation, education (which is also from Wyith Institute™), and now the first digital asset coin for the indigenous government,” added Ruth Ditucci, Director of Wyith Institute™. “We are confident that our team shall be able to provide the most suitable solution to the indigenous government as they adopt this latest blockchain technology through our Institute,” she added.

Dr Raymond Cheng, President and CEO of Wyith Institute™, also commented on this new endeavour. “We are indeed honored to be again trusted by an entire nation’s government, i.e. the National Indigenous Government of Mexico, with our capability in bringing them the necessary technology and know-how in the implementation of such a large-scale microfinancing programme through using the BCR@W coin designed by Wyith Institute™.

This recognition from GNI is a true, living testimony of both the capability as well as the integrity of the Institute and its services, and is also a highly appreciated act of trust in the related peripheral services Wyith Institute™ provides, including our business intelligence services and our KYT (Know-Your-Transaction), KYC (Know-Your-Customer) programmes. We do see a lot of challenges ahead, but we are both assured and optimistic that our team at Wyith Institute™ will be able to carry out the said programme with utmost care and dedication, building even stronger friendships with our indigenous friends from Mexico.”

While Mexico is the 10th most populated country with a population of 126 million (as of 2020), the most populous Spanish-speaking country, and the third-most populous in the Americas after the United States and Brazil, the indigenous Mexican people make up about one-fifth to a quarter (amounting to around 30 million plus) of Mexico’s population. Gubernatura Nacional Indígena de México, the Sovereign National Indigenous Government of the United States of Mexico, is the official governorship for the indigenous Mexicans.

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