Mike T REAL ESTATE Accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

Mike T Real Estate, is the realtor to American “Stars” and just about anyone that needs a home or office. Mike’s builders count on him to sell properties from catalog photographs alone and floor plans before the properties are even built! He now accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) as a payment option.

In addition to be a master sales professional, Mike T is also fluent in Arabic and was appointed as the Unity Global Group USA Australia Representative.

Mike T was also named by an independent website as a “Top 3 Agent in Wollongong” for reputation and service for 4 years running from 2016. He was honoured as a finalist in the 2018 Premier’s NSW Government PMCA marketing awards for the Community Campaign of the Year.

The Desinetwork named him “Best Agent” in a lavish ceremony where retired MP Hon Phillip Ruddock presented the award. 

Mike T also holds formal qualifications Cert IV Property 17672, Cert IV Trainer & Assessor. He has dedicated himself to his profession and since 1988 has been trained by some of Australia’s and world’s best sales trainers.

  • 2018 Finalist NSW Premier Marketing Award. 
  • 2019 Best Boutique Agency Illawarra.
  • 2016, 2017, 2018 and Top 3 Best Rated Agents in Wollongong.

BCR is an excellent tool for real estate as it grows while it sits in an escrow account and like a bearer bond, takes its up to 10% compound interest along whomever possesses it. Many career actors and other professionals go directly to Mike T when they wish to expand their real estate holdings.

A well renowned Wollongong real estate agent in the Illawarra. Mike has forged an image that goes beyond that of a typical real estate agent. Solving people’s problems in selling, putting deals together and offering fantastic customer service is his specialty.

Of course this prominence has not come overnight, building this image from the foundations of a skilled negotiator, and revered marketing strategist who will always be sure to get the best exposure and best result possible.

As an agency principal, his drive, passion, professionalism and relentless goal oriented work ethic permeates the whole of Mike T Real Estate and spurs on all around him. With his extensive local leading relationships that extend beyond the Illawarra market, combined with his outside the box strategic marketing campaigns, there is no pocket of the market that Mike is not connected to.

Mike takes his job serious and the sales and marketing of your home very serious. Through the many testimonials of his clients and those that know him, he is regarded as one of the Best Real Estate agents in Wollongong. Trained since 1998 by some of Australia’s & World’s best sales trainers. Mike will use his unique creativity & unparallel advantage of his negotiation skills, personalised service & representation of his clients.

Mike T Real Estate always gives back having done several videos and video promos for the Local Community including Spring into Corrimal 2017, 2018 and 2019. Calderwood Christian School Spring Fair 2018. Promoting local businesses in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

For more information about the history and solutions offered by Mike T Real Estate regarding residential, commercial, land sub-divisions or developments sites and for all your Wollongong real estate needs please call Mike T on 0417 447500 

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