Dentist accepting Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

“There is no surer road to breakdown than working with people who do not share your values.” ~ Dr Barry Polansky

Dr Bill brings to the podium a fast moving, witty approach to health and life issues. Offering solutions on the way and giving realistic advice on who can help you best. He breaks down the stigma that has surrounded stress and an inability to cope.

By looking at the whole body he shows you where to look for answers to your problems.

By exploring personalities he helps you understand whether you are in the right place for you, doing what you are gifted to do or whether you are the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

He highlights the need for sensible nutrition and supplementation both to clean out the system and then keep it in balance. If you don’t think that food affects your work performance just think about how you feel in the afternoon after a large meal!

I have run practices, written books and become a public speaker. It is said that short of death, public speaking comes pretty close to the number one fear and stress in an individuals life. So why become a speaker when as a dentist I can instill fear in people on a daily basis?

Perhaps most important of all is that while these issues are both serious and complex they are presented with a great deal of laughter. Dr Bill’s presentations are not dry and about teeth they are fun and full of good ideas, practical advice and lasting solutions.