Ken Claydon is a small boutique cattle farmer from Rosewood, a small town located in south west Queensland. As a 3rd generation cattle farmer Ken has seen many changes, not just in the climate  but also the way in which business is now conducted.

Ken is always trying to find a better way to conduct business and is moving with the times and technology of today.  This is why he is embracing the new technology and is accepting bankcoin reserve as a form of payment for his cattle.

Claydon Farming, Kennith Claydon, Tel: 0408874791 –

Other businesses accepting BCR…

Brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bankcoin Reserve (AUSTRALIA), Bankcoin Global (MEXICO) and sometimes BCR@W (HONG KONG) as well.

Michael Byriel, Residential Realtor AUSTRALIA accepts commissions in BCR: 

Col. David Brenner (Ret.) Commercial Realtor, Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts commissions in BCR:

Pastor Jim Kibler Melbourne, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts BCR:

The World Harvest Ministries accepts BCR and BCG INTERNATIONAL:

The BIBLE website ThyWord.Global (INTERNATIONAL) accepts BCR and BCG:

Wyith.EDU online Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees HONG KONG accept BCR, BCG and BCR@W:

QuitaSSo is a Picasso Art Lover and Enthusiast. This artist currently lives in MEXICO and accepts 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:

Space Coast Business Consultancy accepts BCR UNITED STATES

Stewart and Dena Stewart Artists, Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES accept 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  and

Automotive Consultants Car Dealership in AUSTRALIA accept down payments in BCR and BCG:

Kerry’s Creative Cuts Hair Salon AUSTRALIA

Signature Hair Stylists SINGAPORE accepts BCR:

Ian Jacobs 3 time world champion, personal trainer INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER:

The plumber BMP AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:|

The butcher From Paddock to Plate:  AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

Platinum Produce AUSTRALIA accepts BCR & BCG:

The delicatessen AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

Black Garlic Grower AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

Barries Galore Store accepts BCR:

Fruit Barn AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

SjW Mushroom Grower & Distributor AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

Pizza Capers AUSTRALIA accept BCR:

Rollin’ in Dough Bakery accepts BCR & BCG:

Aggregate business AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:

Dr. Marler the evangelist AUSTRALIA, INDIA, THAILAND accepts BCR:

Daniel Street fruit and vegetables AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: